Friday, March 9, 2012

THE PILE by Yukie Karen Yamada

See Yukie Yamada's other Twitter newsletter THE PILE and
her column Daily Slice, aka Eyes Ears Tongue.

Her own news Bulletin Update for Leaders and Lawmakers:
Special High Intensity Training (BULLSHIT) was written and
started from the computer at the Unemployment Center in
Wailuku in 2008.

Advise Congress and/or Criminal Justice agencies that those
who are with deepest conflicts of interests have been reading
my newsletters on the internet since December 2009. If they
in Congress and those in investigative groups form their own
ad hoc urgent response team to review all details, I'm certain
that the rest of the world's thinking population will see that
it was a conspiracy of silence by Democrats in Hawaii and in
California that caused this mess, and not a major conspiracy
against humanity by America.

Prepare for the best, but always expect the worst has been my
motto for over 6 years. Claim your turf for having served all
self-sovereign souls, and demand renumeration if you have in
all consistency carried the message that enough is enough. Lies
by stakeholders and leaders are known and proven.

The world's stage has been watching the sort of hubris that in
all access of legitimacy, chose to remain in the dark about such
details found on Yukie Yamada's newsletters.

Yukie Yamada
aka Fern
Haiku Maui

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