Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Dear Monster! So many faux Monsters have shown up recently,
wagging, nagging, gagging in Yukie's sphere of private influence.
They are not Monsters who have known Fernie since 2007, tho'
we finally got the Postal Inspector call in from the federal agent
who confirmed mail fraud/tampering from a Maui Post Office
in 2008-09. After Yukie received a letter from the Investigative
Office in Chicago, she confirmed with the Post Master and his
employee on Maui who recommended she make this complaint.

Wouldn't ya know, it was a tampered delivery of a letter sent via
certified mail with return receipt to the Navy Criminal Investiga-
tive Services after Yukie spoke and corresponded per email in an
effort to understand their jurisdiction. Seems that suspicious
tampering of a delivered letter resulted in a call from both a male
and female investigator.

Well, it all goes together. The private intel firm from Austin, TX
that got 5 million memos leaked from WikiLeaks last week have
defense contractor clients who are in Hawaii with their so-called
risk-reduction programs and R&D harvesting of intel.

Should u wonder, Yukie claims that while deprived of gainful
income and legitimate business access since 2004, commensurate
of known experience and capabilities, any type of news exposing
intricacies within private intel firms, cause and effect of cash flow
in Hawaii's economy is of interest to her. After all, many will and
have reported stolen intellectual programmatic property from
her own development used without her name and permission.

It all goes together, really. reporting on how classified
$$ is funneled around the world in the "shadow" budgets with few
checks and balances and how monies are used for experimentation
is part of the intrigue in minds of Americans who are hurting for
financial security. How does information get harvested, for whom
and for whose profit?

Blame private sector pressures on intelligence-led policing with
dead court systems, and you'll find the Blondie Matinee at Maui
Police Department in support of our drug-free community. My
request has been to contact the US AG in CA Fresno for any type
of meth/marijuana related links to their investigation.

Yes, I called Fox News regional offices with names of former fed
officials who will confirm their knowledge of Hawaii's fall from
cyber intelligence grace as a state with no cyber investigative team.

Yukie Yamada
aka Fern
Haiku Maui

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