Saturday, March 10, 2012

Urgent msg sent via web email 3/10/12

Urgent: wifi wire hacking at this private site on Maui. Pls fwd this msg directly to news contact (confidential contact name) who received my Facebook note from Yukie Karen Yamada re: hacked social media sites from elected officials reported per Maui fax to such officials. From victim's perspective, I am attacking financial crimes related to repeated exploitation use of civilian's privacy while victims receive no due process nor legitimacy from law enforcement, state agencies and criminal justice agencies. Letters Yukie has received denied need to address cyber terror crimes in information systems on local, state and federal level despite flaws in Patriot Act laws being exposed by all press.
NO INTEREST IN ANN CURRY AS CONTACT FOR ME, pls receive this on 3/10/12 No further contact via this email from Yukie Karen Yamada. My support is ad hoc condemning all Stryker Weiner contact via NYT, CNN, NPR and SF Chronicle.
Each news groups has been able to authenticate above intent.
Case against criminal, malicious, terroristic use of information systems, including but not limited to telecom, wifi, internet and systems designated for private sector use only. Civilians live with dead court system, drug corruption and no cyber agency to receive complaints as reported in the local press.

All rights and ownership on my privacy and those who claim to have contact with Yukie Yamada in person in past and in perpetuity belong to my terms for transition for safe haven designation and self-governance model based on existing legislation. My safe have designation proposal has been received by technology design executives.

Yukie Yamada
aka Fern
Haiku Hawaii 96708

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