Monday, February 22, 2010

Addendum and Response to Rabid Readers

Dear Monster,

Unlike some of the stereotypical "asian flowers", Yukie does not ever intend to
win the Ms. Congeniality award. While she was the Sweetheart for the High School
boys Key Club, and went on to become State Key Club Sweetheart, her personal
resume has always included the need to speak the truth as she knows it.

If in case Korean American readers are wondering why they are not mentioned
in my previous article, it is because their population in Hawaii is so small. And we
know that Korean women are not ever known to be "asian flower" lovers, rather
they are fighters to the fullest extent. Very valuable.

While my former partner, Mr. Asian Sexiest Man Alive, may one day read this,
he can be assured that every Ms. Filipina is waiting for him at the door to provide
the unconditional love, admiration and submission he desires.

He should be an inspiration to Men Overcoming Violence throughout the country. I
tried my best to impress to others on Maui who do not appreciate the political move-
ment to de-construct sexuality based on unacknowledged power dynamics that he
really is not a dangerous person. In fact, he is a model of how certain counseling
programs and how a politically open-minded climate can result in real transforma-
tion. Those whispering about "deviant" sexual practices as though they are taboo
are the very ones who obsess about what they don't understand.

Fortunately, Yukie has never had much interest in anything considered sexually
deviant. For her, it is all too simple to respect and take care of someone she chooses
to be with, even if it's for a brief period of time. Why mess things up with power
struggles when life is far too short to create theatre for bedside misplaced anger?

Yes, she likes to be patronizing with those who enjoy intellectual foreplay. For
those in the SF Bay Area who know how to read between the lines, soon Yukie will
be known at the "short" nurse who overcame male/class-based institutional terror
only to define and publicly articulate their "short" comings for historical records.


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