Friday, April 2, 2010


Dear Monster,

Today while having a drink at the Stop Watch in Makawao, I
called someone from the Chicago Tribune. The journalist who
answered may or may not have been a journalist. I asked if
he read the news site The Onion, a well-known counter bull-
shit source of information. Just like Mother Jones did today
by proving the hoax with Guardians of a Free Republic.

He answered "yes". I told him about the article about their
infamous Mayor Daley, whose family tree includes being Mayor
for several decades. The article quotes Daley as wanting to
increase corruption and grafting to match modern society.
I guess that means cyber-felony type crimes. Maybe Daley
didn't know that he was subject to surveillance by the federal
investigators who impeached the Illinois Governor last year,
or maybe the article was false.

This is an example of what news consumers must deal with in
today's information society. Did the artificial intelligence news
feed take a psychoactive walk on the crime side? This person
on the phone from the Tribune suggested that I call to find
out if anyone knows the source of such an article.

I replied that I have no intention of living in Chicago, but it
might be of interest to them. By the way, I always meant to
find out if the Chicago Tribune can identify the maker of dolls
in the image of Michelle Obama that came out in January 2009.

Now I thought the fashion industry had done its job to define
Michele last year. Remember that shiny yellow dress with the
giant bow that she wore at the Olympics bid event in Copenhagen?
How 'bout that white empire waist tunic with thin checkered
black stripes like a giant frontal tic-tac-toe board?

Anyway, The Onion also reports that US Attorney General Holder
turned in his resignation to Obama. It may have been his leniency with
marijuana use that did it to him. Hard to know if this is true or not.

I think news feeds may be part of the problem these days. I am
convinced that there is an even more sinister plot to define our
identities from the fashion industry. That's why I'm a "down
dresser". It's not that I'm contemptuous of fashion trends that
define women, it's more that I just do not acknowledge them.


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