Monday, April 4, 2011

Update: Wire Fraud Incident Reported

Dear Monster,

My first storefront with a direct sales "product" line went up on
March 25, 2011. I shared this via text messaging with a handful of
known personal associates who heard from me in person about my
plans to start a live/office space for online businesses could offer
opportunities for cash flow with legitimate companies. Several
days later, I found that my "storefront" with my name and phone
number was linked to someone else's storefront. The name was of
a Hawaiian male person whom I never met nor heard of.

Being that I have lived in financial hardship while a victim of wire
fraud/stalking for over 9 years, this incident alerted me that Hawaii
is not a safe place for online businesses. Although some live here,
many register their businesses, especially their online businesses
in states where there are adequate protection and assistance for any
entrepreneurial activity for internet use.

My calls to this company, Congress members, and the Inspector
General of the Small Business Association stated my intention to
only register my businesses in states where there is demonstrated
compliance with existing laws to protect wire fraud victims. Any
and all stimulus monies should take into account ongoing failure
to document and be accountable for cyber-crimes, wire fraud and
in my case, commercial fraud that obstructs timely prosecution
of such crimes that destroy whole lives.

I finally made a decision. My Facebook page is an original example
of how a civilian like me survived the age of wire terror, corruption
and policy failures. With Flare Network having acknowledged my
Twitter news feed and newsletters since May 2010, my Facebook
page under Yukie Karen Yamada has been acknowledged by regional
news station, our "fave", Kvvu Fox5 Las Vegas and Meet the Press.

How did she get this type of "presence" on her personal Facebook
account without the evil strings of a professional media relations
and publications company sticking their fingers in all places first?
Well, that is the story for our "fave" social media network founders
with Facebook and Twitter being that they are mostly geeky young
fellows who know what they know. Now they know more.

Facebook founder Zuckerburg even made it on the front cover of
Person of the Year for the evil empire Time Magazine dripping with
well-practiced fingers forcing sovereign souls into their dungeon
of grime and slime information/advertising commercial network.

Now that EVERYONE knows my Facebook page has potential to
be a platform account for political messages that support business
practices that are ethical and legal, my voice message says the very
same this week: that my Facebook page will be leased for a period
of time to maximize application. It will then sold to a for-profit
company that supports economic self-sovereign entrepreneurs like
those found on my Facebook page and others building their own

My proprietary newsletters will become separate enterprises for
other projects into the public, possibly store fronts or completely
separate businesses that demonstrate the same practice for self-
sovereign entrepreneurs to build prosperity in ethical practice like
some of the direct-sales independent contractor business models
that are on the internet as "web storefronts".

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