Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Warning: Unsolicited Calls from Publishing Company

Recent telemarketing text messages are a problem. Receiving
unsolicited calls from publishing companies when there are clear
statements that I am self-publishing with those who defend my
right to dignity, free affiliation and freedom from slime harass-
ment from groups who care little for decency.

Who are they? Advertisements found on lift-up news sites
for organized criminal activities, such companies have already
been reported to the appropriate agencies for business ethics,
likely suspect intellectual hacking while I am formalizing my
statements with officials for safe haven and protection from all
organized crime incursion into my legitimate enterprises.

Consider that my complaints were made from a home computer
in Hauula, near Laie, on Oahu acknowledged by then US AG in
Honolulu as having been received. His office is implicated for
having received written correspondence from the White Collar
Investigations in HPD since 2006 to shut down my complaints.
Why? HPD did not receive any formal complaint from Yukie,
only a preliminary contact with sent email.

Consider what the stakes are when corrupt finance, industrial
intelligence, money laundering, drug larceny groups have much
to hide in Hawaii and San Francisco. Two of the most Democrat
places on earth. No, Democrats do not support individual and
political freedoms when they don't make money.

Take that to the GAO and to those who do not have a conflict
of interest. Prepare for the worst to be known in Hawaii and
with industrial policy groups in California. Also, call the US
Attorney General in Fresno CA Andre Briotte about shutting
down medical marijuana clinics for endangerment in CA.

By the way, please verify a visit to San Francisco by VP Biden
in the Summer of 2004. See if he is able to confirm visits by
Secret Service agents in late 2003 to a deli near Little China-
town. The name of the deli was used by Yukie in her emails
to herself from her workplace and from Kinkos on Geary.

Their appearance at this site near Little Chinatown during
day hours was confirmed by a federal police officer who lived
in this neighborhood while Yukie lived there. For those who
are looking to address cultural sensitivity, say that in present
times we need to acknowledge intra-cultural class tensions in
all groups as well as reverse discrimination cases.

Yukie Yamada
aka Fern
Haiku Maui
808 264-1514

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