Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Points of Integration for News, Congress, Policy, Life

See Facebook page for Congressman Honda and Congressman
Steve LaTourette today's entries from Yukie Karen Yamada. Her
recent review of TNW's The Next Web tech geek info source site
from Delaware informed her that there is sufficient structure to
move into a public process.

Nice to read that Twitter did not get taken over by the IPO "more
money more stakeholders or else" hype in the news media. Many
still don't understand that Facebook and Twitter offer function
and access to citizens and civilians to info systems that previously
were only known to the "special" elites who run intelligence type
structures. It's all about application of knowledge and need now.

Crisis reporting in different areas of the world may be related to
the "vulnerabilities" reported in industrial control information type
systems as reported in wired.com. Tell officials to get on the news
media to discuss patterns of information infrastructure chaos.

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