Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Decriminalize: Stakes and Consequences for Legality

Dear Monster,

Found another "Monster" internet site: monsterandcritics. Monsters
are generally not critics since they don't have too much of an agenda on
their own. The exception being the evil Mr. Logistics Monster. Critics
are now on guard with Monster voices being heard everywhere.

What are the stakes and consequences for phased decriminalizing of our
now infamous information systems on Maui and in Hawaii? I was just
having a conversation with a female resident last week about the nature
of drug investigations and what is required to move a process into the
public record sphere. Public record meaning what is verifiable and to
some degree quantifiable within legal standards.

Who to trust these days with betrayal and cowardice lurking in our
own information/intel systems? It's a lonely road for most.

My political push internationally and locally for accountability has
been to create losses for those who thought bigger would always be
better for security. Transnationals were not supposed to be the
economic plan for Hawaii nor Maui.

Drug investigations are like organized chaos. Not unlike one of my
favorite activities: contact improv dance. Nothing really personal in
any of the activities except in a few cases, always full of lumps and
bumps, unexpected turns, twists and falls with moments of divinity,
bliss and thrills. All movement artists in contact make a difference
with dominance riding out on occasion.

Drug investigations, after 6 years of trying to figure it all out with
the cars and the looks, etc. is like an avant garde piece of art where
only those who "know" see the connections, parts and symbiosis.
Others gaffe and choke mulling things over in their own sense of
inadequacy, fear or greed. It's like a major event that emerges only
in fractions on public record, verifiable and quantifiable.

Well, in my case the tie in to FRAUD, WASTE ABUSE is found within
some of the most precious natural land resources in terms of fertility
and instrinsic spirit. When drug investigations collide with a culture
of ruralism, corrupt incestuous informations systems, elitist assholes
and unfinished cultural/historical healing from past injustices, there
are few winners.

Maui County has the will, maybe not the brains to complete any kind
of transition from a criminal underground into a participatory system
that wants to be part of a legal economy and legislative process. The
ones who will do this are reading my newsletters trying to figure out
if Congress is just trying to set everyone up to be peon whistle-blowers
since Congress seems to be factions of corrupt evil-doers themselves.

Building the mechanism for phased legality means building the public
sense that it is inevitable, necessary and for the stability of the very
systems that have been exposed for their failures in America and Hawaii.
Dead systems, in my opinion, are always meant to fall. Those have been
my words since returning to live in Hawaii. That's likely the cause of
my life having been turned into a criminal profit target for so many
years. Corrupt players are now wondering what to do, after all, my
plan seems to incite and inspire all minds in the spectrum of brain
function as a do-able thing.

My role is not to complete the task, but to address the severe and
persistent deprivation of my right to privacy, to thrive and prosper
as a sovereign being. I have already created conditions for legal/public
participation for years. Deadweight systems sat there eating and view-
ing from their "safe" hiding spaces. Stakeholders within systems that
have been held captive are already on record, unbeknownst to those
who exert political slavery and concubinism.

While they may not seem to be living in any dungeon, they are. Those
in key positions on Maui to emerge from a defunct intel/criminal network
need to identity when these conditions are ripe for putting identifiable
individuals on public record.

Think about it. Many decades of intel existence has produced multiple
systems that may not be aware of the other. Digital vs. analog. Old
vs. young. Right vs. left. One culture vs. another culture. On Maui I
can say there are the obvious ones who are already in the public sphere
shooting their mouths off like there is no tomorrow because they are
there, have been there and may not mind being there if somehow it
could make more sense.

Risks abound with affiliation for and the temptation to side with the
big smiley federal pocket. Feds know the weakness of those who have
not the experience of building their own infrastructure destiny in any
lasting way. Feds are waiting to learn of project concepts that are in
THEIR plans but not on the conceptual map of those here yet. Well?

Will some federal official speak before the academics from not-
for-profits in Switzerland start salivating even closer. They've been
talking about tailored plans that consider existing political culture
when addressing decriminalizing information/commerce systems.
Nobody in Hawaii wants the Swiss to be in control even if the t-shirt
from Cassanova Restaurant in Makawao says it would be heaven.

Go figure: Heaven is when the police are British, the cooks French,
the mechanics German, the lovers Italian and all is run by the Swiss.

Hell is when the police are German, the cooks British, the mechanics
French, the lovers Swiss and all is run by the Italians.

It's true, the t-shirt hangs on the wall in back of the cashier of this
eatery in Makawao where conversations abound.


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