Saturday, December 18, 2010

Not All Attorneys r Created Equal

Dear Monster,

Recently, everyone found out about how attorneys work within
their little "commerce-tribe" through federal policies to protect
their own privileged existence while creating unfair conditions
for those who tell the truth about corruption, wire fraud and
illegal drug crimes.

What is the difference between smuggling and trafficking when
it comes to illegal drug trade? What role do attorneys from
"commerce-tribes" play when corrupt, criminal defendents are
connected to direct Democrat Party stakeholders like my former
housemates in 2004 at a known drug neighborhood? Must be
a profit boom for the "inside white collar professionals. It's all
on my other newsletter since December 2009.

Notice how all policies recently went with Republicans while
there is a Democrat White House, a Democrat Senate with an
almost even House in Congress? For shame, Democrats.

I found out recently in person-to-person meetings that very few
understand the impact of action, cause and effect when it comes
to drug offenses, bail/bond system, treatment-based programs
like Drug Court administered through City and County.

One thing I do know is that attorneys only help those who allow
themselves to be completely subjugated by attorneys and the
system so that cause/effect rests on the profit incentives from
existing policies/laws. Justice hangs. No balance. Many who
like spreading their cheeks this way to the legal systems have
corresponding character traits that correspond with verifiable
life choices of not really placing much value on truth and account-
ability. Rather, their sense of power stems from getting away
with as much as possible through unspoken rules of elitism.

Now this is something Americans must face. Other countries do
not thump their chests around the globe about their superior form
of democracy and equality. Americans know that our system has
yet to evolve into greatness. It is like a pumped-up adolescent
who can't quite understand why they feel so confused and agitated.

Get it? This President, the first black President, has created a
schizophrenic madness in even his own base of support. He did it
because he thought he could get away with it.


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