Friday, December 24, 2010

Xmas Surprise!

Dear Monster,

Well, Prez Obama was seen on the front page of Honolulu's paper
yesterday . . . sun and shine on the beach in Kailua near KaiLuana
just like in 2008 post-election. Remember? Golfing Waimanalo,
Luanna Hills Country Club, Paradise Park while rolling black-outs
occurred due to a power outage on Oahu.

My calls to Kevin Merida then introduced myself as a terror crime
victim of a corrupt intel/information justice system in Hawaii. It
was about this time that Deep Throat died. Merida, from Washing-
ton Post heard from me about patterns of reporting that indicated
inconsistent facts about Obama's stay in Hawaii.

Others will remember that a year ago for Xmas Eve and New Year's
Eve, Yukie corresponded on blogs/internet sites while parties took
place. She wrote about the health care reform scam legislation that
resulted in lawsuits by 12 State Attorney Generals in Republican
states. Lo and behold, just a couple of weeks ago, Virginia's federal
courts deemed the Healthcare Reform law unconsitutional.

So much for Obama's legacy of providing for Americans. Nice to
see he gets the free ride to sun and shine in Hawaii these days even
while catastrophe awaits his Democrat Party and his own term.
Listen how quiet the Western Front sounds.


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