Thursday, December 9, 2010

Reasonable and Expected Plans Started

Dear Monster,

This lady wants to address the severe and persistent deprivation
in her life of privacy, prosperity and freedom of affiliation. What
would the first phase look like? Well, not too different from any
one else's wish list. Some folks finally got the idea that the integrity
of my process relied on my adherence to refusing corrupt monies.
My effort has and will benefit the whole. Being validated with
renumeration is part of the social contract.

A vehicle, a place to live free from crime, access to information
technology for legal, professional, personal use, insurance for all
necessary support and a stipend to cover all expenses

Anyway, my recent legal contacts received information to confirm
that the great financial value to my litigation were mired down in a
policy, both intentional and unintentional, of blatant and verified
FRAUD WASTE ABUSE with preferential treatment for those
who work with Democrat-aligned attorneys.

My work as a Safe Neighborhood Advocate for specific clients
or groups simultaneously would be separate contracts based on
individual need. My newsletters provide information useful to
those who can choose to use this info or not. A radio program
would make my presence real to others who do not trust or use
computer/internet service. This radio program will document
statements to those in public office on record for listeners to
put through the civic sector for a transparent process and would
be made public through the internet worldwide

I solicited local FM radio station contacts recently to put the
idea on the map. Concerns about corrupt stakeholders who do
not believe in free speech are always a problem, after all, they
want their residents to be dumb and dependent.

Think about it, it ain't complicated. Fernie

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