Monday, April 4, 2011

Glory Days Hallelujah Kumbaya!

Dear Monster,

What a scream! What's a terror victim to do except write to Monster?
Today, the anniversary of the assasination of Martin Luther King, we have
British Petroleum saying they are ready to start drilling again in the Gulf
of Mexico after the disaster spill last April when their oil rig exploded at
the base of its operation. Saw it on msnbc within the same half-hour that
they report that Obama is running for re-election. Within the same 24-hour
period that Obama was accused by Reps Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich "live"
on Fox News for starting an unconstitutional/undeclared war in Libya.
Saw it on Fox News Sunday pm and got photos.

On c-span all week long, Congress was shown in periods of 2-3 hours in
Committee meetings/panel interviews about this. Defense Gates was also
questioned about whether or not USA started bombing before authority
was given as War Act laws mandate. Based on "counter-terror" legisla-
tion, a secret operation was started a month ago by Obama, also reported
by Fox News in the past week. Libya produces lots of oil. Italy get about
25% of their oil from Libya.

Video reports show widespread anarchy in the streets of Libya with the
kind of posturing that takes place between autocratic rulers like Ghaddafi
through various "press" diplomatic statements released somehow in an
uncoordinated way on msnbc, Fox News and CNN. About 40-60% of all
videos on cable news for the past month shows massive civilian street
scenes of civil and violent protests in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, Libya
and even Jordan. Today Saudi Arabia is reported to be displeased with
our President's actions/inactions and choices in establishing regional

Obama was on Brian Williams NBC this past week saying he would send
arms to Libyan rebels to oust Ghadaffi. The debate raged in the press all
week with commentators. Geraldo Rivera was on the front line in Libya
with uneducated, but armed "rebels" shooting at everyone. Rebels are
now saying they want to control "oil" revenues and start a parlimentary
democracy rather than have Ghadaffi's son take over the country. The
bombing raids were by a multi-nation force to stop Ghadaffi who started
bombing his own people.

Someone in Congress said, well, we don't want to start arming groups in
this region if they are going to become our enemies later. Remember, it
is what happened in Afghanistan? We must learn from mistakes.

Obama is trying to cut a deal with Republicans and Dems while a group of
Republican Senators gave a press conference for over 2 hours last week on
the pending government shutdown due to a fiscal emergency. The country
is seeing what happens when we have decentralized info systems in a time
of wire fraud/terror. After all, Citigroup, Capital One, Walgreen and Tivo
all reported corporate wire fraud hacking today on Fox News with lost
data of millions of consumers. haha.

It is about the content of character. This Prezy is a Man Whore. Only
sauce, no substance. Who benefits? The Republican Party and only a few
isolated commercial industrial media groups. May independents live
on and celebrate!


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