Wednesday, April 27, 2011

FOX News Cavuto: Obama Misleads Public

Dear Monster,

Fox News has funny journalistic figures. Huckabee, the former
Presidential candidate refusing to be canned by conservative-type
image makers has his own Fox News show after last election.
Every program ends with his own rock-n-roll band of his own
production staff at Fox News. haha. He rocks.

John Stossel's recent report, Freeloaders, all about perpetrators
of corrupt policies played for over a month during evening hours
and on weekends. Stossel's latest gusty program took on the 'gun'
issue, you know, right to privacy to own registered weapons and
the right for law enforcement to barge in your home to see if you
have illegal arms. An important issue after Arizona's Congress-
woman was gunned down in her own state.

Today, Cavuto has an Oklahoma Democrat Congressman saying
that the cause and effect of Obama's rhetoric and policy choices
with regard to taxing of oil companies hurts mostly working class
Democrats. California is pushing the press to sell their not-so
innovative plan for solar/wind technologies to be 1/3 of their
electricity by the next two Presidential elections.

For the record, I called the Sacramento Bee last week to report
that California had a press release about their state laws providing
incentives for solar/wind ventures about the same time that this
President was doing his flip-flop about whether he would allow
oil drilling off California's coast and reduce foreign imports. As
long as Congressional Committees who over see such ventures
know their timing and patterns with known stakeholders in CA
are being monitored for suspicious trade and barter patterns.

Suspicious timing even for CA Oversight Chair Darrell Issa who
was on CNN saying that Obama's corrupt pattern was worth being
scrutinized. Make sure perks within CA's Republican/Democrat
deal making machinery is also known to Oklahoma.

Former Mayor Gavin Newsom, now Lt. Governor of CA, had his
own former wife as news consultant on Fox News yesterday with
a tight little cleavage showing along with her female news guest
who also had a nice little cleavage while being interviewed by
Bill O'Reilly. Mr. O'Reilly's fatal grip handshake after his interview
with Obama should have made archives somewhere.

Now Donald Trump says he's going to allow Obama to prove that
after millions spent on lawyers, he can prove with documents from
the State of Hawaii that he was, in fact, born in Hawaii. You can
see affidavits posted on the internet by those who saw proof of the
birth certificate. Where's the birth certificate itself? Former
Governor of New York, Spitzer, who resigned after being exposed
for having repeated deviant sex with prositutes who now has his
own talk show on CNN said he has the birth certificate and will
show it if Donald Trump posts his true net worth.

Whoa. Now General Petraeus, Central Commander in Iraq, has
been appointed as head of the CIA, and head of CIA Panetta is now
appointed to Defense Secretary as reported on commercial whore-
dom radio news National Public Radio today.

We all feel misled. Betrayed yet powerless leads to schizophrenia
and clinical depression in lunatic progressives and liberals who
thought they were headed to the nirvana promise land. Instead
they were all lead to addictive behavior that some researchers find
profitable to study with ad agencies. Fraud Waste and Abuse.


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