Sunday, April 10, 2011

Federal Government Shutdown Drama

Dear Monster,

After my last entry, the entire week was a dramatic political theatre with
Republicans insisting on fiscal accountability as the USA neared the dead-
line for a functioning budget on Friday, April 8th. The potential shutdown
of our federal government had Democrats and Republicans doing the news
shuffle day and night. Cable news stayed "on call" for spontaneous news
announcements from Congressional meetings with the Prezy, news celebs
made it look like election night.

The public would like to know what took place in those sessions, both in
Congress and with this scared Prezy saying, "aw, gee I know how to make
a compromise with Republicans, my voters have no choice about it." It
went down to the final hour before midnight on April 8th . . . finally, the
sweat-n-shine on the faces of Senator Harry Reid and Rep. John Boehner
came through: they made a temporary vote agreement to keep govern-
ment functioning for another week while they continued to fight in their
own sessions.

Our Congress members get to decide and vote on laws, policies and our
budget. They get to vote on how much they get paid. They get to vote on
whether or not they can work without a budget. They get to decide if and
when our government gets investigated. Hey - that's not reassuring to us
in the public, especially victims who participated day and night like me
on the phone and with sending messages for others to do the same.

Democrats did something so juvenile in their press relations that it was
not to be taken seriously. They have the Prezy's top advisor Axelrod with
a person-to-person interview trying to define the substance of a potential
shutdown rather than seeing the threat of a shutdown as a logical and needed
effort to force accountability. No wonder Ohio voted last week to do away
collective bargaining for union workers. Democrats don't believe in any
process for accountability when failure, incompetence and malice in leader-
ship is proven on record. Republicans prepared for this moral decision
on record and in the press with their public statements.

Democrats asked for 50-50 sharing of blame when they are the ones who
failed in the first two years of this Prezy's office, and while Republicans were
looking to increase the public urgency. After all Dems had complete control
of both the House and Senate in Congress. Dems tried to discuss the small
details of budgetary decisions rather than the overall message of governance,
transparency in governance and the critical problem of corruption.

Now all pivots around whether or not federal dollars will fund National
Public Radio, the EPA and Planned Parenthood as "symbol" issues when we
have 14 trillion $$ in debt. Debt owed to China, investors in small affluent
nations like United Arab Emirate, Libya, and Russia. Could be "investor"
is not technically the correct term, maybe "sovereign funds" is the term.
You know, foreign billionaires invest their monies in our market without
clear compliance of our laws around investment profits. The USA is now
a complex financial creature, open markets in a borderless information
system yet with different laws applied to the monies gained.

Just say "no" to National Public Radio. That's the message for the day.
Soon they'll be a nice internet news source, decentralized with fewer live
news program centers all over the world linked to the "total control" info
mechanism with policies that benefit only the select policy few of Dems.
Yeah, I got an ax to grind. Ask their Ombudsman.

Or better yet, see the special report by John Stossel on Fox News entitled,
Freeloaders. He did the nation a favor by discussing the collusion of profit
stakeholders in the private sector with this Prezy and General Electric,
attorneys who represent civil rights litigation "victims" and other types of
entitlement federal programs that lead to an economy of Fraud, Waste Abuse.


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