Friday, April 22, 2011

Counting: One Finger at a Time

Dear Monster,

In times like these, symbolic points of reference matter. The volunteer
papaya tree bearing fruit nicely is an example of this. It is countdown to
the truth-telling session of those who "know".

Well. Today, I called and spoke with a person from an advertising firm
that places ads for clients on radio, news programs etc. My complaint was
about who determines which ad is aired for which program at what time.
I recently heard radio ads informing listeners about how to have a better
life. I mentioned that on my Facebook page last month I suddenly had
double column and central advertisment that I did not solicit nor would
I ever consider having on my proprietary Facebook page.

My calls to Facebook were ferocious. Ads about how to reduce belly fat
on your abdomen and about nutritional supplements to increase longevity
appeared on my page without my permission with swirling words, colors
and other disgusting types of sales tactics. Why would anyone want such
ads on their Facebook page?

It must be the software technologies with Facebook and other website
companies that allow such trafficking. I heard about this on c-span last
month during a panel discussion about protection of consumer and small
business rights on the internet with reps from advertising firms and
financial services software firms. aha! It is in the technology industry
that the real battle lies.

Corrupt implementation of drug enforcement laws and their premium
access to privacy without a court warrant has been my complaint since
2004 when I lived in Happy Valley. Though I didn't quite understand
the operational realities of surveillance technologies and laws that allow
such intrusion into privacy in the civilian sector, I now understand. The
"analog" system of spying with drug enforcement now competed with the
sinister hand of the digital system for harvesting information from the
defense contractor firms that flooded our economies.

Yesterday, everyone became silent after National Public Radio reported
that iphones like AT&T and Verizon do allow police intelligence to harvest
all records, texts, conversations etc whenever there is "cause", like in the
case with transnational human or drug trafficking.

Take a look at the Maui News a couple days ago. It was on all local and
radio news. 6 farms in Hawaii were exposed with a Santa Monica farm labor
placement company being exposed for illegal Thai workers being forced to
live without a legal Visa in this state. It's now being investigation by the
FEDS from Washington DC. Maui Land and Pine, Del Monte, Captain Cook
Cofffee etc. What do FEDS do when there is a massive case like this in a
state where people "of color" run such agricultural companies?

How could it be? Because there was a profit incentive in some criminal
economy to have such incidents without a legitimate criminal justice effort
for aggressive accountability. Who runs the "illegal worker" economy in
Hawaii? People of color, those who use, sell drugs and all those who profit
from this corrupt collusion.

Operation Deliverance and Operation Coronado happened. Shit happens.
It doesn't mean anyone has to tolerate and accept shit going downhill and
floating to the top. Our dead court system is the problem. Public collusion
of silence is the accomplice. Count one finger at a time.

Check out Google search and find internet "blogs" that allow information
from Thai attorneys, CNN news and others. It is a battle over who controls
the information system, data and development of resources. It's the evil
Mr. Logistics Monster demonstrating contempt by defining the worth,
meaning and destiny of whole cultures.


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