Thursday, February 2, 2012

Yukie Yamada: Wire Terror Victim Designated by Dept of Commerce

Dear Dept. of Commerce,

Yes, Yukie Yamada sent you an email about pervasive wire
hacking found on Google emails, social media networks and
ongoing loss of password access.

The problem with recent FRAUD enforcement policy efforts
is that the greater the problem, the bigger the budget to try
and find those darn cyber crime terror mother fuckers. Just
like with "risk reduction" funding logic: the more violence in
the streets related to drugs, the bigger your City budget.

When funding is directly related to # of reported crime and
violations, rather than systematic outcome based structure
and mechanisms, well - we have lots of drugs, violence, rock
and roll galore for years!

Gratefully, press reports have condemned Hawaii for their
years worth of failed efforts for all sorts of "wire" activities
like covering up slave labor at 6 commercial farms for over
4 years, grade "F" for cyber crime responses (see front page
of the Honolulu newspaper), hacking by Romanian and even
Russian sources into State procurement databases.

Now that you see the FRAUD patterns in Hawaii, you know
that nobody here should receive any reward, nor budget to do
the right thing and investigate in a timely manner. Especially
since during recent APEC 2011 activities news reporting in
local press demonstrated a lack of awareness of what insider
trading crimes are.

Thanks for receiving my email and for eliminating parasites
and pests so quickly. I know Facebook and Twitter social media
networking sites can tell you an earful about what really takes
place with accounts used during tourists stay in paradise.

Yukie Yamada
aka Fern
Haiku Maui
808 264-1514

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