Monday, February 6, 2012

Update: Which Officials, Where & When?

If your carnivorous instinct is arising based on sudden flashes of
realization of intentional malice and policy hypocrisy, feel glad not
frustrated and repressed. It's the thirst for life blood of spoken
truth for those who believe our government has failed to a degree
that other structures must be found for transitional haven.

Consider Facebook or Twitter features and functions. After all, it
changed Northern and East African governments in unpredictable
ways this past year. The mind is a terrible thing to waste, folks.

Find out how to verify elected officials news lines on Facebook and
Twitter. Who manages the accounts, who creates them, who instills
the propaganda and for whose benefit? If it seems similar to the
message machinery of other internet or cable news sources, please
note that the Dept of Defense and State Department in Washington
DC both carry gigantic budgets for media relations/advertising, etc.

Ask officials and see what they say. It may be that they, too, are in
some type of entrapped bubble of false information. The next phase
of the internet is found on sites that bring information from most
economic structures seeking to integrate with digital. I've done my
best to let them know that my identity has been used fraudulently
on some of these systems, including some news-related sites.

No drugs allowed. And by all means, report and fraud/faux/fake
claims by anyone posing as Secret Service agents. As the IRS knows,
Secret Service works in more effective ways with system-based

Flare Network, the internet newsletter in Italy that writes about such
things, needs a little poke now that they are seeing direct policy results.
Some of their photographs are from a group wanting attention badly from
formal officials/agencies. No, I don't corrrespond with Flare Network's
reporter named Adelstein who always has a mouthful to say about Yakuza
activities with porn, drugs, contraband etc in the red-light areas in Tokyo.
Never been to Japan myself. Don't have to since I have that special ancient
Asian wisdom feeling as my genetic birth right.

Some who have their own involvement to force accountability for
tactics of political slavery and oppression in Hawaii wonder if I am
still working with Democrat officials named on my newsletters.

Well, it's likely the named officials have concluded that based on
overwhelming testimony and verifiably false information by those
who are card-carrying members representing Democrats, and
Democrat Americans only, they could easily create a crisis-based
talk through their own emergency mechanism. After all, Yukie is
not a Democrat and will not profit any known Democrat policy.

Accept the reality of America's government in present time. Our
two-party system run by defense contractor media relations on the
West Coast has been exposed to the world. For the record, Yukie
has no interest nor contact with the New York Times. Any and
all contact with NYTimes journalist David Shipley in past years
is now terminated.

In the meantime, support existing enterprise networks. Many
on know that Maui has all the structure it needs to prosper. It's
really just filling the service/consumer needs of everyday life.
Food, shelter, education, healthcare and fun.

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