Thursday, February 2, 2012

Caught Them Red-Handed Shame Faced

Yesterday, social media network company Facebook had the
hype of the decade with it's IPO filing Securities Exchange doc
on the internet as proof. Going from a private company to a
publicly-traded company, meaning more stakeholders thus
more profit, has impact on how Facebook participates with
any privacy-related investigations.

A couple of months ago, Facebook settled complaints by
consumers who went public with the Federal Trade Commission.
Now, questions are being aired in today's article. I
tried to send a copy with a msg from my Yukie Karen Yamada
Facebook account. Unfortunately, no article arrived to my
own account nor to Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook. See
Facebook's page for my blurb about this incident
of lost sent messaging from Facebook.

My message to technology design executives and consumers is
about how to identify and separate different cyber problems. I
am a victim of wire terror/stalking with illegal drug harassment
and hate-crime violence incitement. These manifest through
use of words, language or images or through patterns of contact
with offensive contact.

Thinking about how this would be experienced in everyday life,
it is similiar to social media capabilities. For example, if I were
to view grocery shopping as a social activity, how is my sense of
safety or discomfort determined?

It is determined by certain things like how easily it is to walk
from the parking lot to the store. Do I feel at ease? Is eye contact
from drivers or pedestrians welcome or not? Do drivers show
courtesy at the appropriate places for pedestrians? Is social
contact natural, spontaneous and mutual in casual activities at
the store? Is service received/provided promptly without any
type of interruption or disruption? Are consumers harassed
repeatedly with unwanted offers/invitations/comments? Do I
feel that all transactions are honorable as fair exchange?

In the case of Yukie Karen Yamada, none of the above is her own
daily experience in activities. Not in public nor on the internet.
Defining the experience of individual terror is subjective, but it
is likely that many live in some degree of terror all of their lives.
In particular, deprivation of political expression if one is not a
Democrat or not making money for Democrats, persecution is
pervasive, intense and overt in Hawaii.

Drug harassment/hate-crime violence incitement activities
on the internet constitute cyber stalking harassment terror
crimes. This should be viewed as different than what has been
experienced by whole systems or businesses with cyber terror
and hacking patterns.

Cyber terror against sytems vs. cyber fraud vs. cyber crimes
like illegal drug or contraband trafficking and hate crimes incite-
ment against individuals or groups.

My efforts for safe haven designation on social media sites are
based on years of being harassed, stalked, ripped off and violated.
Safe haven accounts could be contractual agreements with a willing-
ness to participate in identifying threats/crimes for immediate
enforcement. Freedom from privacy violations by the fangs of
organized crime, industry commerce and stupidity on the internet.

My own account is seeking to provide such a mechanism of support
and safety for independent enterprise, individual victims and those
who want self-publishing protection. Media-relations, events and
production enterprise to promote safe, reliable, individualized use
of social media networking: Wild Fern's Media, Events/Production.

If anyone has issues sending articles to Facebook or any
other account, please notify them of this problem today. The articles
found on are invaluable for consumer-based advocacy in
this time when investors are chomping at the bit for Facebook and
Twitter control.

Yukie Yamada
aka Fern
Haiku Maui
808 264-1514

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