Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pre-recorded News Event w/Officials Advised to Reduce Risk

Sporadic, uncoordinated patterns of wire fraud terror that may
or may not correspond with drug larceny, human trafficking and
mortgage/financial fraud activities create havoc in daily lives.
My own experience of having felt a kind of betrayal and mistrust
for institutional form is inevitable after years of failed responses.

This is a symptom of a larger problem, and a problem for many
citizens and businesses. My suggestion is for those officials who
know of my ad hoc process for formal acknowledgment and safe
haven protection is to have a pre-recorded news event.

My contact with UPI on their twitter site about urban terror hot
spots, as described by START anti-terror agency at the University
of Maryland, included the name of Senator Tom Carper. Likely, a
Cyberfelony Secret Service DHS contact investigating patterns
of terror finance crimes can verify any links to Hawaii.

It would also be recommended that social media networks be
seen as a source of information from consumer account holders.
As digital news lift-up sites are integrated, multi-level software
services are needing to beef up their safety and reliability.

My text/email to the Baltimore Sun provided a request to
identify the male person who claims access to VP Biden's own
Facebook account. It is likely that the Washington Post in
their National Desk has insight on which Congress members
have written articles and messages from Yukie Yamada about
policy-based corruption during her victimization.

At-home living sites should be seen as a place for privacy and
for rest. My complaints in past years have been the use of "live"
wire with news groups in an exploitive manner. This tactic is
used by drug surveillance networks to "take down" a site. This
obviously carries many unknown variables and risks. It was a
tip from a former police officer who knew of such abuses.

Any on record inquiry about such abuses here on Maui with my
life and privacy will receive on record documentation of those
who may have been part of an illegal operation. If this is known
and acknowledged by officials in a manner that includes formal
requests and protective measures, there is no shortage of info.

Lack of formal, legitimate process by Hawaii's officials was
deliberate based on what abuses were reported for years. It
will expose a network of larceny operatives who believed there
were no such checks and balances in our system of justice.

Yukie Yamada
aka Fern
Haiku Hawaii
808 264-1514

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