Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Counter terror wi-fi agent is not a Monster

Today the FBI news service press release reported an arrest for child prostitution
in Hawaii over the Super Bowl weekend. The US Attorney's office of South Florida
made this announcement. The reason this is significant is because frequently such
crimes of sexual enslavement involve a collusion of profit stakeholders who withhold
information/evidence for sale, trade and barter. Yukie Yamada called the Human
Trafficking Hotline in Washington DC from Maui in 2006-07 to report violations in
her own life based on slanderous letters sent to her from the Hawaii FBI and Maui
Police Department Chief's office.

Being an international port of destination for those traveling abroad, there is word
that Hawaii is one of the most notorious for human trafficking and sex slavery of
minors. In fact, our own former Hawaii Tourism Authority, Randy Johnson, was
exposed for using his email and internet service for alleged child porn. Mr. Johnson
was given a slap on the wrist and had his yearly salary reduced from $240,000 to
$200,000 by the HTA Board of Directors. Governor Lingle chastised him during
last year's Presidential campaign then insisted that he be removed from his role.

Remember Super Bowl 2009 when Arizona Comcast viewers got a 30-second porn
clip during the final touchdown pass to a player named Fitzgerald? It was a scandal
and made internet news worldwide. This video is found on

I know there are rumors that avant-guard sexual practices are frequently sought
after by those who research human behavior, deviance and dysfunction. Having
peripheral knowledge of such "sexual underground" sub-cultures, I can comment to
the fact that American society is driven by their ongoing denial that unfulfilled sexual
desire is perverted into violence of all forms, including what we see in our economy,
government and social intercourse.

I once wrote the Monster at the Federal Reserve that our economic stimulus bill
was like a wire lift-up bra after broken breast silicon implants had turned certain
markets into laisez faire bungee cord practices for quick profits. Using sexually
charged innuendo is a common psychological tactic in business to engage the deeper
instinct and reflex often subjugated by so-called civilized societies. Some say having
our lower chakras "in the dark" means that the natural urge of passion and fertility
are not fully experienced.

Pedophilia is more than this urge of passion, it is a form of domination and abuse
of power at the deepest level of humanity. We want counter-terror wi-fi agent to
know that Microsoft Explorer and all of its holes were being used by State agencies
and officials, likely including our former HTA Director Randy Johnson, while other
countries in Western Europe issued a security alert for Explorer programs since
2008 as reported by the BBC.


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