Thursday, February 11, 2010

SHAME STUDIES - Hawaii's Petri-dish Profile

dear monster,

hawaii's desperate operation to cover-up the truth about themselves and
their sadistic, totalitarian "not-so-intelligence" system has been exposed.
perhaps those academics wanting to "study" victims through the mechanism
of abuse will want to know that THEY are now the subject of a field called
"Shame Studies". how individuals/groups/institutions behave when they
are immersed in their own humiliation.

although the Pew Census group wants all people of color, in particular, those
they call "asian pacific islanders" as a group to dimiinish any sense of deeper
understanding of diverse cultures and economies, there are cultural tendencies
with regard to how one deals with shame, or being caught with the pants down
so to speak.

to all those groveling in their own shame, remorse and guilt AFTER being
exposed, i say "spread your cheeks" to the study. you may find that rather
healing, and others in domestic terror study circles may find it informative.


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