Saturday, February 20, 2010

Prosecuting Attorneys National Group Confirming

Today, I found that some dumb fuck worthless shit no-good wire terror
groups stole my blog entries from the Advertiser's blog since yesterday.
This was reported to Gannett, the Honolulu Advertiser and everyone else
in the world as Hawaii's localized terror effort to suppress the truth.

For the record, in December 2008, around the time Deep Throat, the
notorious informant, died I made calls to administrators in all relevant
information agencies in the State of Hawaii, including the office on Maui
and the Dept of Commerce and Consumer Affairs. My complaint was
about the wide use of Microsoft Explorer program on state computers
at the Workforce Development Resource Center in Wailuku, As an
unemployment applicant and terror crime victim, I had serious and
verifiable problems with privacy issues.

As per all news reports Microsoft Explorer programs were deemed a
security risk by Microsoft company itself with other countries issuing
security alerts via news service sites. The BIG HOLE with losing our
proprietary information may be doing a zippity-do-da right out the site
where that leaky fiber optic was penetrated in Ulupalakua or some
where near the Kihei Research Technology Park as reported by the
Maui News in 2009.

Who's loss is that Hawaii? YOURS, including all of YOUR records of
state affairs and correspondence. haha. With our "esteemed" State
Attorney General married to his own Assistant Attorney General, a
life-long employee of the State of Hawaii government, we understand
that being in a place where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy
has even more importance. The State Attorney General's Office has
no real legitimacy with this type of conflict of interest, even if it is only
based on perception.

Where or where are our well-paid, well-pensioned public officials in
this matter? Attorneys in Hawaii are hoping the public really is as stupid
as they appear.

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