Friday, February 12, 2010

Anti - corruption alert: TOEJAM BLITZ REPORT

Dear Monster,

More insane candidates abound in my midst. They say behavior that is
inconsistent with frequent episodes of bizarre, hostile destructive incidents
is a way that drugs are trafficked without speaking about it. Maui has a
problem, a big problem. Those who are aware of the gaps in timely and
effective law enforcement and prosecution should consider the concept of
public radio programs, online newsletters and group sessions to enhance
the participation of all in the community. It goes beyond "report-a-crime"
programs in high schools. It is the creation of a mind-set and culture.

TOEJAM BLITZ REPORT, a consumer advocacy newsletter, was started
while Yukie was an unemployment applicant in November 2008. Her former
work as a slave to abusive, poorly-run health and social services agencies
should serve as more than enough information about how consumers can
attack institutions, agencies and officials who allow abuse and profit from
cover-up of abuse to continue.

The target was programs that receive federal funding through state inter-
mediaries. The collusion between sickos, criminally inclined clients, state
case workers who do not know practices and policies of privacy, and who
do not believe that health care services providers have a right to live free
from drugs, free from crime and free from harassment is legendary on

These policies will be evaluated for the way state agencies have profit
motives through passive neglect and criminal negligence to create certain
conditions that result in a hostile legal complaint process at the expense
of those who do not have an agenda for exploitation. It will be shown that
it is far more profitable for state agencies and attorneys, sometimes clients,
to allow abuse to occur in order to document a need for increased services.

These corrupt policies provide the fat cow for democrat state systems that
hold funds from the federal budget whether or not services are rendered,
implemented with standards, or even when clients are not alive. In the case
for "healing"and preventive programs, there are no standards of measurement
for outcome success except for the testimony of credible participants over a
period of years. Most healing programs for addiction resulted in an increase
in addiction within an ever-growing network of programs for recovery. After
all, there is no cure for addiction, only management.

Do the research, it's already been done, said, documented on record.

Lacking in creativity and oomph, residents and leaders on Maui missed
the boat on dealing with violence and drugs in their community. If there
is an economic base for maintaining a continuous flow of addicted souls
to addiction treatment and prevention programs, surely there is an eco-
nomic base for "how-to" programs for victims in order to make effective
criminal complaints through sound advocates in our communities. duh.

Sponsors would have the reputation for confronting the evil empire of drug
cash flow and do so with internal policies within their own systems. Think
about it. Who would be unhappy with this? Those who find controlling addicts
and victims profitable. They are more than sinister, they are the worst-of-
the-worst and many look like your grandmother or uncle.


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