Monday, February 22, 2010


Dear Monster,

Now that there are active, legitimate, parallel, verifiable actions for accounta-
bility through investigative agencies on a federal level, the stage is ready for the
next phase of engagement in the public sector.

The deep ignorance and indifference to any type of constitutionally sound process
for checks and balances has caused an obstruction by the criminal-minded. They
really do not know the difference between a liberal and an anarchist and that they
are on opposite sides of the ideological map, they don't know the difference between
a liberal and a progressive, they don't know that it matters to think about these

They don't know the difference between a far-right Christian conservative and a
conservative, they don't know that even the Unabridged Dictionary from
the East Coast, found at Endangered Pieces relic
shop in Makawao, has
the wrong definition of what a political anarchist lives and believes.

They really don't know the difference between market liberals and academic liberal
thinkers. They don't even try to think about why the ACLU in Hawaii was run by
primarily Chinese American women who were educated at elitist Punahou School
in Honolulu. They don't know that many Chinese Americans have contempt for
Japanese Americans, and likewise. They don't know that Filopino Americans are
often not even acknowledged by Chinese and Japanese Americans.

They have no idea of the hatred between Polynesian groups and intra-groups.
They have no idea that unlike the Pew Census dictates, Asian Pacific Islanders
have not, nor will ever stand together as an economic base unless it is forced on
them artificially.

Finally, Mari Masuda, that infamous Japanese American attorney from Hawaii
who taught and lectured with Georgetown University on her resume, really does
not have a body. Her book, Where is my Body? about the inequities within the
legal constitutional body is an apt title. If you have ever seen and heard her in
person, as I have, you will agree she has no body. And as per her own admission,
she has absolutely no role in any strategic planning to actively construct dissent
and dismantle inequities right before and during her "free-ride" to Georgetown
University tenure.

Yukie Yamada has never, nor will ever involve herself with "race-based" political
organizing, nor has she ever received any benefits from such efforts in any place,
Hawaii included. She has claimed no privilege nor entitlement from her Japanese
American background. She is firmly committed to opportunity based on merit,
not any class/race-based system derived from the usual sources of elitism.

If this scares the hell out of the status quo in America, it should. Take a look at
our President, his policies and what he said before, during and after his election.
He is not from slave roots. He is first-generation biracial African American, get it?
It's all about me. That is his policy. Democrats got what they deserved, and the
rest of the country can now claim that Obama is no better than Bush.

Everyone deserves better, except for the hypocrits who are still living behind a
transparent veil of hypocrisy and despair. Excluded from the latter is Yukie's former
partner in San Francisco who was probably type-cast for his unusual status as looking
like the half-Asian-guy-on testosterone who is an avid fan of Mari's book and on the
opposite side of the political map as Yukie. He has compassion for women who do not
have their lower chakras fully engaged, if you know what I mean. He can thank me
for getting them introduced when he does his own speech on personal transformation
for the "angry-men-of-color" lecture circuit.


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