Saturday, February 13, 2010

Documented: Psycho-wars of the Up and Coming

Dear Monster,

The news feeds these days seem to have become part of the psych0-war on
the minds of the public. Tweaking the mind is a well known way to terrorize
or create fear to condition the public into inaction. This "it'll never get better"
defeatist mind-set prevails these days.

The "soft" brain takes in suggestion of the worst or the best then internalizes
this as what is likely. The Commerical Intelligence Agency (CIA) is the master
of all advertising slogans to demean or inspire. It's been written about for eons.
We live in the information swirl, so obviously the best weapon for better or
worst is information systems. duh.

Recently, I queried about the responsibility of an attorney or someone in a
fiduciary role when their client has been declared a 5150 designation. A 5150
designation is a psychiatric hold by medical or legal professionals, or someone
who has direct, legal authority over a dependent. This is used to control all
decision-making processes. What is the responsibility of an attorney when
there is a client who had not demonstrated consistent patterns of understand-
ing their legal obligations and parameters? In the case of a complaint process,
I think attorneys should need to take extraordinary actions to demonstrate
that public safety concerns should be a priority over their financial motives.

How many law enforcement officers, public officials and members of the
educated elite have 5150's in their records? Quite a few more than we are
aware. They are, after all, all subject to irrational moments while in a role
of responsibility for lives.

Well, this is all for today.


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