Sunday, April 25, 2010

Soulful Mess & Dead Birds

Dear Monster,

"They" expect me to take extraordinary action while trying to
get food stamps because "they" don't have a system of action?
It's because the system has failed the test of time, it is a system
that is no longer relevant, in fact, "they" may consider that it
is the system that has caused this soulful mess.

An entire oil rig sank off the coast of Louisiana in the Gulf of
Mexico last week after an unexplained explosion. You gotta
see the timed photos on the internet to believe there was an
oil rig there to begin with. snap-kaboom-zippo. Gone.

Meanwhile, Obama wants to move on with coastal oil drilling
here in America causing seizures in the lunatic voter popula-
tion that thought he was the second coming of a sustainable
economy free from the Middle East blood dollars.

And gasoline on Maui is over $4.00/gallon now. Driving to
apply for food stamps is the cost of a day's worth of food. In
today's Advertiser there is an article about cattle on the Big
Island that are diseased from vog. Farms are ailing from a
lack of comprehensive "ag" policies, etc.

And "they" want me to take action to save Maui's worried
masses from government's neglect and malice after decades
of lost opportunities and deflated egomaniac officials?

Industrial policy makers haven't seen multiple parallel
indicators to prove that existing infrastructure has sound
stakeholders in Hawaii who operate simultaneously and
effectively to survive, I suppose. The masses should be
worried for themselves. The masses should be asking why
this in the news now, in their faces to force them to talk
about it.

Others need to be extroverted, vocal, accessible and know
that there are risks but denial and avoidance are the worst
options for everyone. Yeah, I'm talking about those who live
in the public "real" world, not the ones who live in bunkers.

How to do this without being caught by the speculators and
vultures who can taste this failing system from their faraway
places? Well, consider the value of what is here then you'll know
you need more than the usual darwinian losers to get what you
need and want.


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