Monday, April 26, 2010

News Rendition #11 - Define Their Reality

Dear Monster,

Transgender and Creature Club News Rendition #1 was a smashing
success. Systems of control everywhere have taken notice that they
are not, in fact, in control. And now they are trying to define the reality
of the writhing, frothing masses so that the writhing, frothing masses
won't notice that the usual systems of control are not in control. It's
like Thailand . . . the government was overthrown by protesters.

We have Stephen Hawkings the British scientist claiming that while aliens
may exist, we should ignore them. America's Northwest has a new crypto-
fungus infection that has about a 25% mortality rate. An oil rig off of the
Louisiana Coast in the Gulf of Mexico exploded then disappeared under
the ocean only to leak 42,000 gallons of oil a day into the ecosystem. On
the home front, Obama's Chief of Staff goes on PBS late night talk shows
to say he wants to go back to Chicago to run for Mayor while Illinois' for-
mer/impeached Governor has supoenaed his friend, and our President
in his court case. Meanwhile Illinois State Legislators want the National
Guard to help Chicago police to control the murders in Chicago streets.
Chicago police responds by giving a dissertation for the masses about the
differences between constitutionally-bound law enforcement versus the
ways and means of military police. Tornadoes popped up last week to
destroy towns in Mississippi to add to the stress of federal emergency
response agencies, and we have WIRE TERROR FROM DRUG TERROR
fully functioning MPD patrol cops boosting revenue by giving tickets for
speeding (it must be because of the uncontrolled meth problem) and cell
phone use while driving. (according to Sgt. Barry Aoki on the radio, he was
almost run over 3 times himself)

There's a newly found terror cell in Indonesia, a brand new lizard from
the Philippines sighted, oil is over $85 a barrel (must be the demand from
China's hyped economy), Brazil has banned Toyota cars after 9 deaths
occurred from unexplained acceleration, California attorneys are trying
to find out if the State of Hawaii really, really employs a disproportionate
amount of Japanese Americans who are not qualified for management
and admin positions in their bureaucracy not knowing that Hawaii can
fake records openly in their information systems. (as Yukie can prove
in her 6 month task of applying for food stamps)

Define Their Reality News Rendition has sub-categories:

- There is no arsenic in your sugar, dear
- Win over their hearts and minds
- Stab their hearts and minds
- There is never defeat
- Return to pragmatism and meaning

My final jab today is at my least favorite news source, National Public
Radio (NPR). After their single benefactor donation of $341 million in
2004, their commercial whoredom has had fabulous diversity. Notice
how their reporting has become practically a rendition of their own.
Today their reporting on William's Disorder, a behavioral disorder in
children who cannot learn to mistrust is the new wave in behavioral
medicine and sciences. Imagine that. Children who trust everyone they
meet as though they are safe are now diagnosable.

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