Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Predatorial Political Strategy Begun

Dear Monster,

While Monsters all over the world conduct Wild Fern's equal ops
news feed rendition, Yukie has begun her predatorial political attack
on corrupt Democrat structures, mechanisms and officials. She has
made herself available to testify with Republican members of the
House Appropriations Committee about her experience as a terror
crime victim/survivor within partisan systems that deprived her of
her right to live as a free American while she resided on Oahu, Maui
and in San Fransisco.

Democrats presume that victims need to choose one violation or
one crime and file one large criminal action lawsuit so that nobody
gets prosecuted and everyone makes money. At least, that is the
way of "information" systems in Hawaii's Democrat hell hole.

They don't understand a multi-process strategy based on Yukie's
experience of having been deprived of her right to live a life of dignity
and personal/political freedom as others are. Yes, it is obvious that
the powers-that-be did on purpose because they thought they could
get away with doing this.

We proved them wrong. They are afraid. Their internalized sense
of being victims of evil Republicans is showing. They fear they will
always lose right after they win. This nagging fear is because it is
true. They lost their "mojo" with Obamacare and all the hype in the
world cannot save this trillion $$ health care reform legislation from
being what it is, a scam to health consumers who really just want
delivery of quality, affordable basic services.

When times are tough, Democrats show their true nature.

By the way, the worst false hype machines are found on bbc.com
internet site, with National Public Radio Julie Rose and Hal Sparks
on the Stephanie Miller radio program. It must be an isolated feed.

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