Friday, April 9, 2010


Dear Monster,

Drug crimes/terror = Wire crimes/terror = your economic
collapse. Failure to respond = more drug crimes/terror = more
wire crimes/terror = more economic collapse. Your denial =
security threat to this country's safety. (do not use crystal
meth tea bags in your rectal cavity for more oomph, and
most certainly not for a weight loss plan)

Corruption = public mistrust = poor social capital = poor
political involvement = weak societal structure = weak economic
structure = political/economic collapse.

If you go to website, you can find links to your
locality, just like Yahoo! Front Page News. Clicking on this
site leads you to the wire where you live. Not always.

Go ahead, see at Kinkos, the wi-fi from the local
Haiku eatery and find out where your wire is leaking live. Click
on "local chicks" sex line.

In any case, Kinkos in Kahului has a line to Los Angeles, the
city of drugs, guns and roses all at the same time. And in
Haiku, all wi-fi accounts near Haiku Town Center got their
wire in Kaaawa. How would you like all your business email
to be registered in Kaaawa with your clients?

See the Kilauea action live video on their site and see what
happens when you click on your local favorite tanika carmelita
bellisimo looking for fun. Or better yet, check the weather
channel to see today's temperature.

My complaints about wire fraud to out of Hawaii agencies
have continued from 2006 - 2010. Hot wiring Haiku's
businesses to Kaaawa is a terror crime. Likewise for all
the Kahului sites hot wired to Los Angeles, the city where
all creatures and demons have persevered.


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