Friday, April 23, 2010

Looking for Employment

Dear Monster,

Urgent: Obama's Chief of Staff, Emanuel Rahn said on television that
he wants to run for Mayor of Chicago. Is the ship sinking yet? Even
more, impeached Illinois Governor Blagojevich has supoenaed Obama
about whether or not he tried to sell Obama's former Senate seat.

Since receiving wire fraud emails to my spam email from
a few months ago, I have not made contact with the Publisher's office.
They have a wire problem at the Honolulu Advertiser.

See my updated profile column about the inside bribe that took place
with a witness from an investor with the Bishop Estate a week after I
was falsely linked to Native Hawaiian on August 4, 2001. Of course, it
was out of context and suspicious so I turned it down.

My ongoing effort to find gainful income has continued since Nov. 2008
when I became an unemployment applicant. I have made frequent and
repeated attempts for subsistence cash flow with many small business
owners in Paia, Makawao and through personal farm contacts for my
own survival.

Drug-related crimes targeting my privacy and life have impeded my
efforts to continue this process. I continue to meet locally known small
business owners in person as a low-wage front-service employee while
I seek a stable and safe legal process free from wire terror.

coffeeshopmonster is for sale, Monster. The buyer has made them-
selves known, but for now I'm keeping my creative enterprises juices
available for alliances, not friends, alliances since Monsters have no
real friends. I plan to continue my participation in identifying links
to those who know what is necessary for this severe and pervasive
threat to our systems of information.

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