Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kings and Queens Have No Clothes

Dear Monster,

haha. The Lolipop Lounge News Rendition is about to begin. We
have Kings and Queens Without Clothes News Rendition supporting
The Pounce political attack.

Finally. Satisfaction is at hand, so-to-speak. Today, Hawaii Public
Radio gave protestors an example of state agency corruption that
resulted in the cover-up of serious violations on all levels.

Sex offender incarceration site Kulani was exposed by an employee
who was instructed to destroy "pornographic" material/records at
this site against known policies. This employee was quoted as saying
that she decided to defy this criminal order by her supervisor at this
site and kept boxes of records.

I know from working with juvenile sex offenders at Benchmark for
a few months that there are a few problems with staff in these types
of programs feeling too much empathy for those incarcerated.


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