Saturday, May 1, 2010

I Got Text Mail Fraud Today, Monster

Today, another example of wire fraud on my Verizon terror cell
phone. claims that I won 418,000.00 pounds
from Telefonica 02 UK Ltd. The University of Pittsburg may not
know that they have commercial fraud on their email system from
across the Atlantic.

The last jzy text I received last year called me unmentionable
names, that was from 808 345-0250. After a few hostile texts
back and forth, I decided that it was probably a short man text-
ing me from some bunker in Kaupo.

Next, I plan to put a public notice in my handwriting on some
bulletin board in a frequently traveled place announcing that the
above text from is wire fraud. Then, I will text back a
message so jzy will know my precise location, and terror crime
FBI will know jzy's precise location.

See how it works? When someone shows up to say, "oh- look at
this . . . wire fraud from the UK on Verizon" everyone listening
at that site with their Kaaawa wire down the street will say, "oh,
we better check out what's going on with jzy from Kaupo send-
ing text fraud from hijacked Verizon accounts."

Who do I know from the UK besides BBC news groups? Well, I
can't say I know anyone who lives there. I remember reading a
book by some dandy named Sebastian last year about drugs, sex
and the London underground, but otherwise, I can't even say
that I've been there except for a few minutes in their airport in
the mid-eighties.

Anyone with text wire fraud should take my action as a means
to advocate for safe, private cell phones. Wires get crossed all the
time when systems integrate. For example, check out UPI, Raw
and the BBC internet news sites where advertising from Hawaii
pops up on the page about the next election.

Now that everyone in the country left analog for digital as mandated
by law in 2009, at least we don't have to worry about the kind of
wire problem that was documented in early 2009's Super Bowl when
Fiztgerald's touchdown was interrupted on Comcast by Club Jenna's
hetero porn clip during the game.

I spoke with the Arizona Verizon customer rep a few days after this
incident from the Kahului kiosk. I was reporting that my phone was
listed under the wrong name with Hawaii's Verizon database. He may
have thought I was joking when I said my pen name is Fitzgerald, too.

Speaking of "conditions" that result in wire terror/fraud incidents here,
the mob museum is about to open in Las Vegas. National Public Radio's
Scot Simon today tried to lighten up the subject of Al Capone's loosely
built criminal network that didn't engage in micro management of
activities. Random acts of violence they say.

A few former Bostonians on Maui talked openly about the mafioso
culture there and how it all works for civilians. We think of Boston as
the place where refinement and intelligensia were born, but we rarely
consider the confluence of the criminal realm and academia.

I hear Boston had a massive water main break today of a 10-foot
pipe that resulted in the loss of water for 2 million residents. No word
that this was a terror crime. Just too much pressure, I guess. The
Governor of Massachusettes, an African American, showed up on
television with the high alert color for Department of Homeland
Security to say it was a "quicker than expected" fix at the seam.


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