Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hawaii's Illegitimate Legacy

Dear Monster,

We now have moved into our "for only the ones who are intelligent
enough to function independently and who are not parasites to known
victims" phase. Hawaii as a legitimate state government will become
a liability to this country as it stands.

Those who don't understand can go do their own research online
with the internet to figure it all out. You know that I know that you
know that they knew.

The stupider and more dependent the public is the government
feels safe. The stupider and more dependent the public is the sooner
critical mass reaches a crisis boiling point. Ask the average person
who claims cultural and historical heritage in Hawaii about what the
internet is. Many who are treated with a certain degree of status on
a daily level have no idea what it is nor what an email is.

Hawaii has many enemies, even amongst their own ranks. Passive
violence in Hawaii results in clinical depression, impotence, violent
crimes and addictive behavior patterns. The film about Fox News
showing similar patterns as a psychopathic was made by those who
did not examine the patterns of all news groups. They rarely bite
the slimey hand that feeds them.

Passive violence manifests in psychic-energetic phenomena that is
loved by the Psychiatric Medical Association. More insanity means
more money for them and their pharmaceutical buddies.

Defense contractors companies have media relations companies and
all for-profit entities that comprise YOUR economy without human
input of how daily decisions matter to issues on a local level. Defense
contractor companies own all news television news companies. Hawaii
loves to go with the biggest dick because, well. You understand.

It's all compensatory counter-intuitive psychological distress on the
part of those who feel the same despair as the lunatic progressives
who only blame those who take away their favorite illegal drug. Wait
until they expose the entire network of money laundering, drug traffick-
ing, commercial fraud and health & energy-related insider trading
corruption in Hawaii without the residents here. What a scream.


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