Sunday, May 9, 2010

Satanic Entities, Ear Wigs and Allergens

Dear Monster,

Let's give them something to talk about. Congress is dealing with
their demons, skeletons and failures. Hawaii's systems of power had
too much dark chocolate but denial ain't never gonna be no river in
Egypt. Yukie is not as close to death as some think because we are
all in the same sinking ship.

Creatures are snoozing at last, pleased and slimey as always. Our
FBI counter-terror agents are near being formalized by appropriate
agencies. Sam the chocolate granola guy is trying to decide between
Ebony or GQ to go public with his testimony about being forced to
work in organized criminal groups in California.

Yukie called the San Francisco ABC local affiliate station with these
internet sites. Due to her previous efforts to reach news groups in
San Francisco and having failed, Yukie will not allow CBS, Viacom nor
the San Francisco Chronicle to have access, control nor rights to her
story and intellectual property.

San Francisco, like many places, has been taken by the balls since
9-11 with aggressive tactics by the large defense contractor-type
companies that provide much of the huge economic base that allows
for civic sector freedoms and City and County political autonomy.

Yes, Yukie likes Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill film tastes. No, she has
not been physically assaulted, however, she knows that violence in
Hawaii is as endemic to this culture in absence of any legitimate
models of Constitutional application as any other place.

The Pimps of Angelina's Deli was a script stolen from her first lap
top computer in 2004. Her article the Pimps of Angelina's Deli was
sent to the Wall Street Journal in 2007. It is about the perverse
power dynamic that arises when one has access to the privacy of
those who are unaware and profits from these mechanisms.

Monster, there was a conspiracy. Yukie vowed to prove it. She
has proven what she could only surmise in 2002 when she first met
liar, liar US AG Ed Kubo at Senator Sam Slom's Small Business
Breakfast Roundtable in Honolulu.


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