Thursday, May 27, 2010


Dear Monster,

The Yukie Yamada from Tokyo on video internet site
is not Karen Yukie Yamada, obviously. Take a look at the content.

Some groups who hover within the not-so-intelligence networks
think that insider trading is when everyone meets in the same
secret place to share and barter evidence from terror crimes to
make money amongst themselves.

Some think that since Democrats never prosecute their corrupt
officials who commit crimes based on greed and arrogance, Maui's
insider trading organ donor white collar intel felon group will rule
the stupidest and the most brutal as they always have.

Suspicious timing is what criminal investigators look for when
in-the-know corporate political interests attempt to profit from
commercial/industrial market trends. Now we got them.

First off, I am not associated with Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hanne-
man who is announcing his gubernatorial run today at a school
in Honolulu named Fern School according to HPR. Suspicious?
Since my legal pen name has been Fern Fitzgerald since 2006,
I want to declare myself free and clear from the City & County
slime machine in Honolulu.

Secondly, since Maui's old sugar plantation has found a way to
sustain its own operations from turning fermented sugar cane
into electricity, others want them to become a biofuel company.

Does that mean they are fishing for an investor while Hawaii
and Maui Electric just sold their entire infrastructure to the
largest defense contractor group with news media also known
as General Electric? A few will profit, no doubt and all will be
slaves to outside monies that have no interest in existing
infrastructure. That's how it all works.

A few profited immensely from closing down Maui Land & Pine
last year to rumors of insider trading and deals. This ironically
concludes Hawaii's mono-agricultural base and proud local labor
history. Only a few profit.

Just when they think they are filthy rich, they'll get investiga-
ted by competitors who knew they left trails of insider trading
secrets on tape somewhere with suspicious timing on record.

How does today's radio news announcement impact Hawaii's
reputation now that they are being watched by international
investigatory agencies for organized crimes with drug traffick-
ing, political slavery & concubinism, and money laundering for
terrorist activities.

Hawaii attracts those types of defense contractors that can
see how easily it would be to take over their inept private and
government sector by flushing them with all the cash to prove
that they are the ones committing acts of terror.

My life will not be sold, traded and bartered by criminal org-
anized groups nor commercial nor government groups. I can
guarantee that. That is all for today, losers.


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