Saturday, May 8, 2010


Dear Monster,

What did they know and when did they know it? A famous question
during the impeachment of former President Nixon. Lying under oath
for any official at the expense of their office, especially while there are
conditions for public safety hazards and violence is punishable.

I'm not speaking about just a Republican President, I'm speaking to
all officials who are beholden to protect our safety and rights. No one.
not even Democrats, in a totalitarian Democrat society is above the
law. It is always a collusion with an indifferent civic sector.

In the case of misuse of military intelligence funds, access and systems,
we have examples that require public disclosure immediately and in
a manner that protects victims rather than just criminal defendants
with attorneys who allow the state to profit from every bail posted by
a significant drug felon.

What happened in Hawaii with international organized criminal groups
from everywhere on private and government wire systems needs to
be seen as a emergency because no records are legitimate. What is it
about Hawaii that nobody cares enough to consider they might be dead
or alive on the system based on how profitable it is to the system.


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