Monday, May 10, 2010

News Rendition #13 - KICK THEM WHEN THEY'RE DOWN

Dear Monster,

News rendition #13 - KICK THEM WHEN THEY'RE DOWN is based
on the premise that Darwinian approaches are the best. You can't be
blamed for exclusivity and discrimination, and of course, natural select-
ion will determine the destiny of most.

"They" the parasites of the universe are looking for the great breast
milk source for their need to be taken care of by that all benevolent
feminine entity. Too bad for them. "They" are always the most likely
to reminded by our Darwinian world as it exists that only those who
adapt, persevere and fight will continue.

Dividing groups according to the will to survive and thrive has never
failed to produce different systems. Those who get caught in their own
mantra of survival by betraying their own inner source of light and
belief have been known to turn schizophrenic in their escape.

Flail and surrender. KICK THEM WHEN THEY ARE DOWN is the
way to expedite clearing the road for formal solutions in providing
me the rights I have earned based on my own merit. No free rides
for anyone except those who have committed to the task of what
we have just accomplished without those passively sitting with their
thumbs up their asses.


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