Sunday, May 30, 2010


Dear Monster,

ID Theft Alert: the Yukie Yamada on is not me. My
own vimeo was registered today under Karen Yukie Yamada
with a request to report any fraudulent use of my name. Also,
politicalpoidog twitter and gmail accounts have been tampered
with by those who have attempted to break into my account
before. Please alert others of this human-based terror activity.

coffeeshopmonster is a proprietary blog that has been falsely
associated with the mob, the mafia, drug trafficking networks
and other organized criminal groups. I don't know why. The
content is obviously to create a legal format with information
and news systems on this newsletter/blog.

Nobody really knows how to "create conditions" but they do
recognize when it occurs. coffeeshopmonster creates conditions

U see, take a look at now
the FBI is investigating defense contractors in Iraq and corrupt
government officials who aid and abet drug crimes. Get it?

U remember Pacific Commander in Hawaii was a guy named
Fallon who went to the Middle East to take over operations as
Central Commander a couple years ago???? U see Hawaii is
linked to a "system" from the Middle East (and San Diego)
where large numbers of ur reserves and soldiers go to be killed.

The CIA, psychoanalysts, advertaising/marketing research
groups, Defense Department, and the news media work with
defense contractor networks create conditions with your favorite
liar and corrupt official for their corrupt industrial base and
idiots, knee-jerk civilians.

FBI groups are more straight forward and usually rely on person-
to-person contact until just recently with cyber-terror warfare.
FBI policies are almost always directed by systems of commerce
or corporate financeers anyway, so until these systems are forced
into action, the FBI agents do very little. Take a look at 9-11. Ask
anyone who reported on FBI McCarthy-ism. It was the corporate
financing that funded that terror. America=$$, just like ur attorney.

The morbid story was told online since 2005. The Director of
Security of the World Trade Towers had been on the job for only
a few days after leaving his position with the FBI. He was killed
in the 9-11 incidents. Does that prove anything? No, but does
it sound like the FBI knew something? They went on record to
say something since 2002. duh.

So many systems of commerce here observing, looking for such
opportunity for profit while torture and terror continues with all
of their funding sloshing through. Sounds like what happens with
our war on terror. They'll have to be careful not to leave any
obvious trails of opportunistic white collar crimes for cheaters.


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