Friday, May 28, 2010

Bipartisan Problem at LA Times Identified

Dear Monster,

We know the LA Times loves a good corruption story about
the Defense Department's defense contractors and the CIA's
secret torture prisons in Eastern Europe.

Do they know that they have been working with wire fraud
from Kinko's Kahului computers? Do they care? Maybe only
if it is favor of the Democrats agenda?

Soon they'll hear about Kawabanga Hell grenades destroying
places on Maui where torture takes place for the profit of the
ones who run the government and private sector.

After all, what else is one to do if living in local underground
economy for nothing more than terror for profit and no where
to go with all the press watching and documenting for a number
of years for their intelligence budgets with an indifferent and
ashamed Congress. Maybe when everyone's security is imperiled
they'll take the issue into the Constitutional realm.

Maybe the Jewish insemination project may give them cause
to change their ways, after all. well. You understand.

If they're looking for a point of LEGITIMATE engagement on
Maui, who are aware of my internet sites and who are thinking,
legalbeings can confirm Darwinian Felon Loser #1, Skip Staat
and his military intel family had many Hawaii contacts, most
of them identifiable.

Darwinian Felon Loser #1 Skip Staat and I spent a week at
the private residence of a former personal contact and suspect
in Haiku during the Summer 2004 when i first returned to
Maui. This site is the site where I believe privacy violations
occurred to use our personal relationship as a source of abuse,
insider trading and money laundering.

The property owner is also from a military family who has
associations with health care institutions on Oahu, and his
wife's family is from a family of well-known attorneys both
on Maui and elsewhere. The crimes there are the source of
the cover-up with Darwinian Felon Loser #1 who claimed
stupidity and ignorance about military industrial spying while
working with sustainable energy market ventures.

I confronted my former personal contact a few months ago
at the Pukalani Starbucks when she pretended that all in
the world was wonderful when she saw me. A born-again
Christian female who never worked for a living without a
subsidy would obviously not tell the truth about any type
of lie that would disgrace the Kula Jap's sensibilities.

I told her that I had no interest in speaking with her as
per my email sent to her years earlier due to the cover-up
of crimes at her home. Others present can verify that i
made these statement openly and to her in person. She
must not learn of fraud in her Christian Sunday sermons.

Skip Staat met with Congresswoman Jane Harman and other
whoa! CIA, intelligence super secret groups in 2005-06 while
he tried to make money doing the dumb surfer routine on Maui.
He and I spoke about it on the phone at Kinkos in Kahului as
I was about to send an email. (remember Kinko's on Maui has
a wire that is registered in Los Angeles).

Skip is Darwinian Felon Loser #1 for a reason as he pumped
up his idea of an Economy of Common Sense for Woolsey, the
former CIA Director and others representing the Democratic
Party. They met to anticipated what would happen if our
on terror. Our country would be dropped in about 30 seconds.

I emailed Darwinian Felon Loser #1 right after he called me
about this at Kinkos. He does call at the most coincidental
moments. I mentioned that Harman has cajones like a real
Man, or something innane like that. After all, what does one
say to a phone companion after being informed that he met
with the CIA Director, House Intelligence Congresswoman
and other "thinkers" of the, yes, Democratic Party.

I think they concluded that poverty is the biggest risk factor
for domestic terror threats. What a scream. Democrats in a
secret meeting to acknowledge that poverty increases violence.
No wonder their voters are so stupid and dependent, the Party
wouldn't exist otherwise.


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