Monday, May 31, 2010


Dear Monster,

Those understand how Wall Street and the stock market operates
have always known that they are the most obvious terror targets and
may have known that terroristic intent lived within. The metaphor
of market penectomy comes to mind.

Destruction of these "mechanisms" for checks and balances within
the daily selling and trading on Wall Street of abstract pieces of value
called stocks is what the CIA secret meeting was about whenmembers
of the Democratic Party met with my former friend Darwinian Felon
Loser #1, Skip Staat in 2005 (see previous article May 28). Attack of
our basic source of information and control of how monies/value are
held in this country.

Three years after this, reckless, irresponsible patterns in the mortgage
business led to destabilized market activity. It's all related somehow.
Take a look at Hawaii's portfolio with far fewer millionaires than before
the market crash in September 2008. 7 years after the other crash
of 9-11. It's all somehow related.


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  1. In both you Websites you state "Fiber Optic Breach" and "Fiber optic terror on you Privacy" yet you never even mention anywhere about "Fiber Optic's"
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