Saturday, May 15, 2010


Dear Monster,

While announces its role in exposing
wire terror and fraud in Hawaii, the Honolulu Advertiser was sold to the
current owner of the Star Bulletin, David Black as reported on May 10th.
Gannett sold the paper knowing full well of the wire terror/fraud from
their own news system, linked to Yukie Yamada's complaint.

After terminating my correspondence with Publisher Lee Webber, the
paper was placed on the sale block. The fate of the Star Bulletin is still
unknown since market trends indicate that merging two news papers
into one paper is not a highly viable business proposal at this time.

My independent information cyber sites, decentralized to separate my
criminal complaint process from my personal political agenda platform
from my enterprise concept for generating revenue are now causing
schizoid attacks from the salivating, starving, mediocre, mojo-less beings

I know that the Kula Japs thought Yukie could be starved out for over
9 years to force me into working with their media attorneys at Honolulu
Publishing Co. but that would be concubinism, wouldn't it?

haha. Who needs them? Read their paper, it is full of nothing, empty
like their souls sitting there for years hoping that their shame would go
away somehow somewhere by saying nothing.

They thought they could steal Yukie's mojo with their little lunatic drug
networks. I say kick them when they are down. Never negotiate with
terror. Ain't that a fact?


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