Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Creeps, Liars and the Mediocre

Dear Monster,

Creeps, liars and the mediocre have finally realized that Yukie is
not playing a high school nor college football game. She has no real
emotional attachment to cause, nor person nor gain. See what I
mean? Emotional attachment is for the youngsters.

She has established for historical records that while all Americans
are not created equal, they should be endowed with equal rights.
America has not faced its own sense of hypocrisy "embedded" in
our very Constitution.

Her call to a Chicago Tribune journalist who changed his behavior
after his first amicable conversation with her is an indicator that
journalists are always subject to Darwinistic tests to see if they
can survive in the real world of telling the truth for the correct
reasons. Most have to do it in ways that are not understood to
those who play high school football with the lives of others.

Ask any Chicago journalist. They will agree that corruption in
Hawaii has links to corruption in Chicago.


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