Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Dear Monsters,

Note: the time on Cafe Moana internet is the wrong time. Must be a
fiber optic problem in Ulupalakua or Puunene. I asked the News DJ
in Hilo to confirm that my Verizon cell phone is still listed under that
wrong name instead of Fern Fitzgerald, my legal pen name since 2006.

Yes, I said they were Kula Japs who chose State Whore apple dumpling
Katherine Keith. They are midgets with a complex, too. After all, it isn't
about the color of your skin, it's about the content of your character.

Chip on the shoulder, take a look at their faces. U R A Fuckhead.
U R A C-nt. U R A Dickhead. U R A worthless shit. U R A treasonist.
Mediocre academics living in their little clandestine -uh- economy.

State Whore Katherine Keith already resides in the Mob Museum, so
does Dr. Porn Star and all of their afficionados. Go figure. I know that
NPR, the New York Times and CNN Time Warner were competing for
their -uh- assets but it's already in the Mob Museum. Suck it up.

The rival Mafia Museum is also on the planning book. They might get
the Lollipop Lounge or other official massage parlor scandals. See the
Las Vegas Sun newspaper's article just today. Even the FBI supports
the museum proposals, after all, they "know".

What is the difference between the Mob and the Mafia? Their mode
of transportation? The color of their skin? Their criminal turf? Who
knows what they do and who they are. But they always find the ones
in the public who think they are in control of what they do.

duh. I say this, they say that. Unless it's profitable.


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