Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Pounce Political Attack

Dear Monster,

Yesterday, I incited my own "Pounce" action mechanism. Even though my
cell phone was subject to this idiot wire fraud from a telephone company in
London working through the University of Pittsburg, I called press contacts
to confirm that Hawaii has an out-of-control wire/commercial fraud problem.
The Washington Post has copies of my emails to the Advertiser Publisher's
office since December 2009, and now the Washington Post knows that even
the Advertiser, owned by Gannet, has a serious state of denial about their
own corrupt wire system.

My calls went from evening to the early hours this morning so I am drowsy
as I type this entry, Monster. I included calls to the nemesis of liberal Dems,
former Speaker Gingrich's communications company about the illicit use of
surveillance devices in Hawaii to sell, trade and barter illegally obtained info.

My calls to House Appropriations Republicans included a complaint about
illicit use and abuse of defense/industrial type surveillance devices for the
sake of commercial fraud stalking rather than investigations. After all, the
State of Hawaii was the first to receive over $700 million from the Defense
Appropriations bill in 2009.

I can't get that news piece by Seymour Hirsche out of my memory in 2006
about the time the Pentagon's Talon program was exposed for privacy abuses.
Mr. Hirsche claims that Senator Inouye is one of Senate Intelligence Committee
members who knows about the "black budget" dollars that supplement any
on-the-table legislative budget. No racist intonation implied, but the black
budget was for intelligence systems.

So, where is the beef, Inouye? Who stole my fillet mignon with all of this type
of access with defense intelligence monies? And how about that legislation in
2009 about federal oversight of state money "channels" when they receive
monies from the federal economic bailout program.

My call to Senator Kay Hutchison from Texas includes my complaint about
legislative abuses with the federal bailout program and Obama's own false info
campaign that he wants accountability from financial institutions. His own
Chief of Technology Kundra, who stepped aside when his primary consultant
was arrested in April 2008 for money laundering and bribery, for some reason
still has his name and input on the Obama Healthcare Reform blog site.

Wire fraud is a serious problem. Timely criminal enforcement is essential
when wire fraud spills into the public with a pattern that implicates abuses of
surveillance access with drug networks. Consumers and citizens require the
necessary public information campaign with adjacent support networks to
formalize a complaint without retaliatory crimes against them. Most of our
citizens are easily terrorized into cowardly smiles and nods.

Who is responsible? Not me. Who u reading this?


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