Monday, May 24, 2010

100% of Nothing Hawaii

Dear Monster,

Hawaii gets 100% of nothing with their multi-ethnic rape of privacy
underground economy out-of-control, too stupid to understand they
are dispensable and not able to know the difference between those
who live in the Constitutional legal reality and those who live in the
place where most corruption occurs: within intelligence networks.

When this corruption within intelligence networks reaches a level
where complaints are overwhelming in the real Constitution world,
and when corruption imperils the safety and sanity of systems of
control, this corruption is wiped off the map. Get it?

It is only an American phenomena since others countries, especially
countries that are emerging market have their own way of dealing
with their problems. Take a look at totalitarian China. Look at
the dictators in the Philippines running their country like its a village
while the CIA and intelligence from all countries take them for idiots.

So fuck off to the idiots in Hawaii who are too stupid to notice they
live only because the Constitution allows barriers to being completely
taken over by other systems even while running a drug cash flow
economy. They couldn't figure out how to create a tiered under-
ground effort into the constitutional realm run by corporate vultures
so they sat and pretended they would traffick human dignity incognito.

Maybe some filopinos want to sell their kidneys for money. Let them
sell themselves but keep it in their own country. Maybe its the only
way to run an international wire without drugs sloshing through. Put
them on the barge and send them back to China if they think they
can use my life for their own gain. In fact, perpetrators of political
slavery and concubinism have two kidneys, a liver, lungs, corneas and
skin those who need them in China.


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