Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Market Monster's Revenge

Dear Monster,

Well, Yukie contacted the SEC twitter account last week with
some info about Maui's ongoing wire problems. It's hard to know
if Twitter accounts all flow into the same artificial intel satellite
as other Twitter accounts, but it was worth the effort. You know,
with the Washington Examiner reporting on money laundering
charges against Wall Street and Goldman Sachs we all want to
know what everyone knew, and when they knew it.

Soon others will ask the SEC what THEY knew and when THEY
knew what was happening with wire terror. Now that the SEC
said they plan to put circuit breakers on the market indices, the
numbers are looking a little suspicious. Yesterday for example,
both the Nasdaq and S&P traded at 00.00 at the close, with the
Dow - 66.58. haha.

This brings up the sore subject about the billion dollar drop in
United Airlines stock in Fall 2008. The drop happened within
a half hour after outdated information surfaced on the internet
news site South Florida Sun Sentinel through news wire Google
and Bloomberg. The Sun Sentinel was a sister news paper to
the Chicago Tribune at the time.

The Honolulu Advertsier reported on this in November 2008.
I called the journalist in their business section to find out his
source of information. I read about it in a technology magazine
though I couldn't find any other article about it on the web.

In 2008 or so, I saw an editorial cartoon with Godzilla stomp-
ing through New York City with King Kong hugging the Empire
State Building sadly. Godzilla was eating a piece of toast and
said to King Kong: so I sez to myself, why stay in Tokyo when
I can come to New York and make some money?

One must have a very suspicious mind these days. Even if
I have no background in the macroeconomics of life, patterns
appear to me suggestive that someone ain't telling the truth.
Certainly, the wire problems in Hawaii are likewise.


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