Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Doctors, Lawyers, Indian Chief Xposed

Dear Monsters,

Well, Yukie may not survive but those who protected her made it out.
Doctors, lawyers and Indian Chief are being xposed.

This past week, I called Congressman Rogers from Kentucky, Congress-
woman Emerson from Missouri, Senator Hutchison from Texas, and
Senator Ensign from Nevada. They've all heard from me in the last
year about the abuse and exploitation of intelligence systems that are
fully integrated with the most corrupt factions in local, state and fed-
eral agencies that are beholden to enforce the law.

Yes, they are all Republicans, and they do not expect me to "perform"
for Republicans as a terror crime victim/survivor living on food stamps.
They know that I deserve due process outside the "doctors, lawyers &
indian chief" wire stalking system here on Maui for those who are not
criminally inclined.

My statement to Senator Ensign about the Mob and Law Enforcement
Museum is that the public needs to learn about why organized criminal
networks exist in the world, this country and in our towns. The public
must understand that it is a symbiotic relationship that sometimes has
no law and order but are subject to control when crimes, violations and
abuses impact the lives of those who are in the Constitutional realm, like

I spoke with a female intern who received my internet sites. She said
that the Nevada press has written about funding for the Mob Museum.
My statement of record with Congress is that Hawaii needs to be made
an example of when the symbiotic relationship between "doctors, lawyers
& indian chief" with organized criminal information networks reach a
level of corruption that impedes civilians to live free and clear. Hawaii
has a place in the Mob Museum, and I don't mean that evidence from
my life case should be used there.

Lunatic Democrats refuse to admit that by and large, it is a Democrat
system of control that has controlled the federal intelligence monies from
Bush's flawed Patriot Act. Democrats make and control money with
this counter-terror law. Why do you think liberal Dems say nothing, do
nothing and have no significant policy effort against the Patriot Act since
2002? Because they are subsidized by the Dems who work the monies.

Yes, I said Bush was the stupidest President ever, and I said Obama is
the most incompetent President ever while holding a public mandate.
Obama has continued the same policies as Bush for the most part. Why?
Because he is a lawyer.


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