Saturday, May 22, 2010

$$ for nothing and kidneys for sale by usa

Dear Monster,

Americans are desperate for a happy ending, like most of their
Hollywood pop flicks with super stars earning tens of millions for
their predictable acting and characters. The powers-that-be know
that the easiest way to control the masses is to give them the
Gravy Train news rendition so that they return to their daily
consumer escapist mind-set drinking their tea/coffee from Made
in China mugs and marketed by recycled paper brochures.

What's wrong with that, they ask? Well, then let them eat cake
for the news of the day. If they want the grim truth packaged in
a pastry happy ending, try Pretty Dirty Things, a flim by the
BBC about organ trafficking by the transnational medical industrial

From 2008, an investigation in New Jersey caught 44 suspects
for an international organ trafficking ring. Read Epoch Times
article today about "organ tourism" perversity and laws to
increase legal organ donor programs.

Six Israelis, including a retired Israeli army general, are reported
to have been detained on suspicion of running an international organ

trafficking ring.

The traffickers offered up to $100,000 per kidney. In an unrelated case
last year, an FBI sting in New Jersey exposed an organ-trafficking ring
that operated for more than a decade. Levy Izhak Rosenbaum, an
American, was charged with conspiring to arrange the sale of an Israeli
citizen's kidney for $160,000.

two cases did not pay the donors after the organs were surgically

removed, police said.

The New Jersey case mushroomed from an investigation into money

laundering and trafficking in kidneys and fake designer bags to a

political-corruption probe, resulting in 44 arrests.

No person believes that humanity matters when dollars can be
derived from dehumanizing tactics by those who believe they
are above moral and constitutional laws. And no, my organs are
not for donation in the event of demise.


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